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Our name Grubengold relates back to the mining roots of Germany’s Ruhr Valley, which our team of ~15 business hippies calls home.

Grubengold, when translated directly, is ‘mined gold’, although we are more about ‘mind gold’, as we help those ideas glimmering in your mind blossom into purposeful and profitable businesses.

Based in Bochum, Germany, we embrace the honest, humble and hardworking mindset of the area, but as a group of innovators, designers and thinkers, we also burst with creativity to help make the world a happier place.


Most importantly, we do what we do, with a whole load of heart and compassion for the individuals we work with. We see it as a privilege to accompany you on your journey!


Our commitment to be a sustainable company ourselves is woven throughout our DNA. We are of course CO2 neutral, as well as a pending B Corp, which means we conduct reoccurring, in depth sustainability audits to assess all aspects of the business and ensure we are serving ALL our stakeholders, including the environment, in the most positive way. We sincerely believe in business for good, meaning: PEOPLE, PURPOSE & PROFIT.

supporting Sustainable Innovation

We support by helping you to turn your ideas into sustainable innovations. For us this means three things:

  1. Establish a healthy eco-system
    A healthy foundation and environment is essential for nurturing anything. For start-ups and established businesses alike, this means having both the know-how, as well as considerate collaboration amongst team members.
  2. Cultivate a thriving business model
    We all have great ideas, but for them to have real ongoing market success they need to create a genuine value for people and have to be based on a solid business model.
  3. Deliver positive impact into the world
    Last but not least, the pioneering successes of today and tomorrow must change the world for long-lasting good!

Regardless of the sector you are in, we can help you at any stage of the innovation or (pre)launch process to test and ensure your concepts are clear, purpose is defined, and that your product or service relates to market needs.

The support we offer is based on extensive experience in the world of innovation, paired with creative tools and methods, as well as a genuine drive to make the world a happier place.

Why work with us? We KNOW Germany!

With a population of 83 million, Germany is the largest European market, the worlds 4th largest economy, and in 2020 ranked the most innovative economy. Consumers here are highly educated, well informed and always on the lookout for the latest pioneering products and services.

When non-natives think of Germany, what often comes to mind? Beer, Engineering Efficiency & Directness are definitely high up there. Based on these traits here are just a few of our tools and the ways we can help you conquer the German market

CO2 Bierdeckel

C02 Beer Mat

How green is your soul? What about your company’s?

In order to provide you with an answer to this, we have developed our own tool. With only a few pieces of information, we can calculate the carbon footprint of your company and business model. This tool is also applicable to digital companies, which are often somewhat harder to calculate using other tools.

What you need

For the initial estimate all you need is just 10 minutes of your time, the number of employees and square meterage of your office. With additional information you can gain even more insight and accuracy.

What you get

A tidy, easy to understand report which includes our extensive analysis and all the details of how it was calculated. With our tool, you can determine the CO2 footprint of your company so quickly and easily that it fits on a beer mat!

Cheers to your Climate Conscious Business!


We are all about collaborative and lean project management techniques which will help your project get up and running ASAP! With us, you will benefit from the flexible, fast moving structure of a start-up, digital tools and agile processes.

What you need

Nothing but an open mind and digital willingness

What you get

We offer you an efficient, digital structures to quickly test innovations and optimise them effectively for market fit and readiness. With this you get on-the-job lessons for future independent business success in how to use incredibly valuable work methods, such as SCRUM and SCRIM.

Fast, Flexible & Fun!


A final promise that accompanies all collaborations for free.

Worldwide Germans are known for their directness – yes we absolutely have that trait but it’s what we call honesty, which we believe is mission-critical in order to launch successful ventures.

As mentioned, Grubengold is located in the heart of the Ruhr Valley region with its long history of industry and mining. Back then the locals, so-called ‘Kumpels’ (translates to ‘miner’ and also ‘mates’), were known for their brutal honestly, as well as good humour. We certainly have that mentality rooted in how we work, but most importantly, we do what we do with heart too!

Honesty with Humour & Heart!

Fancy a chat? We do.